Addicted to food

A few weeks ago I had mentioned on Instagram that I am a food addict. I think sometimes maybe that could be a little harsh of a thing to call myself because we need food to live and that’s just a fact. So when it comes to food typically I overindulge. And that is how I ended up weighing 250 lb back in 2006. I think about food all the time. I plan whats coming, I try to wait between meals as long as possible but it feels like torture. I am just going to fast forward to this moment right now. Today was our Christmas luncheon at work. My manager ordered food from the best Italian restaurant in our area and it is my favorite. I took a serving of lasagna the caterer is served us so it’s not like I could take a gigantic piece, I helped myself to salad and did not heap on the cheese. I had two dinner rolls, and I had a small tiny cupcake and I enjoyed it. We were given little candies, and instead of just having one I ate all of them.

To work this off, I hit the treadmill before work, and I took spin class after work. For dinner, I will had 3 oz of fish and one cup of broccoli and then I am be done for the day. It was easy for me to not go back and get more lasagna because I understand the calories that are involved and I am finally at a weight that I am comfortable with If I gain a few pounds or if I lose a few pounds. Them Hershey kisses, tho.

So (I start sentences with “so” often.. too often.) as I said, I like to eat and when I am focused, I am on point. When I feel like I am in the range to have extra sometimes I just go and go and go. Maybe I don’t actually eat as much as I think I might but going away from the prepped food is the error. I am rambling and not meaning to or wanting to but I have so much to say. I’ll stop writing here and pick up tomorrow with 2017 progresses.

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