2017 was an awesome year

I started 2017 as I did so many other years, with resolutions. I resolved to lose weight, journal, do yoga and get back into witchcraft. I had bought a planner that I wrote my goals in and stopped there. I joined Champion Fitness late January and then the YMCA two weeks later. I weighed 185 pounds. I took yoga 3x a week, took a few bellydance classes, and now I spin. I am at the gym by 5am 5 out of 7 mornings. I body build before work. I am down to 139 pounds. Ish. You know how it goes. I had a goal to dress like Wonder Woman at Comic Con and I did, TWICE. I completed Warrior Dash and ran my first 5k dressed like Santa Claus. I never got around to witchcraft. It never felt important.

So for 2018, I want to shred more fat, build more muscle. Do Fathers Day 5k in June. Rolling Thunder in May. Santa Run, Warrior Dash again. Blog. Learn. Discuss.


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