2017 Resolution

2017 started off with the typical weight loss resolution. I was 185 pounds, too close to 200. When you gain weight it creeps up and you’re aware of it, but it feels like it’s also a sudden thing. One pound turns to three and so on. So I knew I needed to get rid o the weight because 250 pounds is no fun to weigh.

I didn’t want to be seen as a Resolutioner, so I started Shakeology January 24th and we joined Champion Fitness on February 2. Champion is an excellent gym when you’re serious to build up the muscles with little socialization. They have a long wall of dumbbells, many many dumbbells. But they don’t have the frills; no classes, no sauna, no steam room. It’s a gym. My cousin kept telling me to go to the YMCA with her so I just ended up joining there on February 16th and I let go of the membership at Champion. Side note, Champion allows you to terminate your gym membership, you don’t have to send any index card with an act of congress to let it go.

I took yoga classes, became more flexible, enjoyed every minute of it. I worked out after work. I mean workout as in lifting weights with little cardio because cardio is absolutely droll.

Can I digress for a hot paragraph? This isn’t my first time at the rodeo. When I met my husband Shannon, he was a runner. He also went to the gym religiously. So when we got together we both joined a gym together and went hard at CrossFit for… maybe 6 months. I was not into it or lost interest. Going to the gym felt like an after work chore and the CrossFit gym was not close by. Hassle. We took a year or so off, gained weight, joined Champion and hit it for almost a year. My body was getting muscles but I held on to body fat and could NOT get below 152 pounds. It frustrated me and I gave up, even though my body had some cool gains, my traps were pretty rad!

Then we took a couple years off and up rolls 2017. So after work at the YMCA is just a zoo. Their free weight room isn’t very big and there’s just a crowd. We made the decision to start going BEFORE work, when they open at 5am. It was me, my husband, my cousin and two other men. We all worked different things so it really works for me, and I continue to go at 5am to this day. One of my yoga instructors left the YMCA and yoga fell out of favor for me. I need to go more. I do.

I got the idea in my head to dress like Wonder Woman at RI Comic Con for November 2017. That was my goal. Summer came and I signed me and my husband up for Warrior Dash, a 5k obstacle course. It was a LOT of fun. We went easy and completed the entire thing. In 2018 we need an entourage to go with us.

And then Comic Con Boston came, so I went to that dressed as Wonder Woman. 158 pounds. Three months before RI Comic Con. I felt like I was doing ok on my own, but I wanted a trainer. The YMCA trainers are about 250 dollars but I didn’t want someone breathing down on me and I wanted something a little more affordable. I need to digress again. In 2014 when me and Shannon were hitting Champions gym on the regular, I decided then that I wanted to go with a trainer. There was a female trainer on Instagram that charged 50 dollars for a meal plan and stuff. I signed up with her, and I didn’t get any response or any acknowledgment. when she did finally reply to one of my emails she apologized, she was busier than she expected, she had a lot going on in her life, and she refunded me my money. She did the right thing. But it sucked because I really loved her work, I followed her on Instagram, she was helping other people do awesome things and I wanted her to help me.

Taking this into mind, I had asked my cousin to help me with a trainer. She was having a high school friend tattoo her at the time, and he is a certified trainer, but nothing ever came from it. I don’t like hounding or waiting, and then Duncan Lukas popped into my Instagram feed. The results on his clients looked good to me, and he was offering an 8-week program for 50 dollars. I signed up for it. It all went really awesome. He sent me a list of questions regarding my goals and if I have injuries and concerns. Then he sent me a workout plan and food plan for 2 weeks and gave me a start date. I began food prep, took a day to cook my foods, set them all up in containers in the fridge which was nice because then it’s all ready and done for me. No wondering what to make no waiting for food to cook. He has a check in every other week where you send him pics and he adjusts the diet or workout. I shredded a lot of fat, lost 20 pounds overall… I did 16 weeks with him. Seriously my body fat is way down and my skin moves different on my body. My last check in was Sunday. The program with Duncan is over. I have begun to just start the 16 weeks over again without being accountable to him. He gave me a really great gift/tool. This program is the best!


Addicted to food

A few weeks ago I had mentioned on Instagram that I am a food addict. I think sometimes maybe that could be a little harsh of a thing to call myself because we need food to live and that’s just a fact. So when it comes to food typically I overindulge. And that is how I ended up weighing 250 lb back in 2006. I think about food all the time. I plan whats coming, I try to wait between meals as long as possible but it feels like torture. I am just going to fast forward to this moment right now. Today was our Christmas luncheon at work. My manager ordered food from the best Italian restaurant in our area and it is my favorite. I took a serving of lasagna the caterer is served us so it’s not like I could take a gigantic piece, I helped myself to salad and did not heap on the cheese. I had two dinner rolls, and I had a small tiny cupcake and I enjoyed it. We were given little candies, and instead of just having one I ate all of them.

To work this off, I hit the treadmill before work, and I took spin class after work. For dinner, I will had 3 oz of fish and one cup of broccoli and then I am be done for the day. It was easy for me to not go back and get more lasagna because I understand the calories that are involved and I am finally at a weight that I am comfortable with If I gain a few pounds or if I lose a few pounds. Them Hershey kisses, tho.

So (I start sentences with “so” often.. too often.) as I said, I like to eat and when I am focused, I am on point. When I feel like I am in the range to have extra sometimes I just go and go and go. Maybe I don’t actually eat as much as I think I might but going away from the prepped food is the error. I am rambling and not meaning to or wanting to but I have so much to say. I’ll stop writing here and pick up tomorrow with 2017 progresses.

2017 was an awesome year

I started 2017 as I did so many other years, with resolutions. I resolved to lose weight, journal, do yoga and get back into witchcraft. I had bought a planner that I wrote my goals in and stopped there. I joined Champion Fitness late January and then the YMCA two weeks later. I weighed 185 pounds. I took yoga 3x a week, took a few bellydance classes, and now I spin. I am at the gym by 5am 5 out of 7 mornings. I body build before work. I am down to 139 pounds. Ish. You know how it goes. I had a goal to dress like Wonder Woman at Comic Con and I did, TWICE. I completed Warrior Dash and ran my first 5k dressed like Santa Claus. I never got around to witchcraft. It never felt important.

So for 2018, I want to shred more fat, build more muscle. Do Fathers Day 5k in June. Rolling Thunder in May. Santa Run, Warrior Dash again. Blog. Learn. Discuss.